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Niko configuration software for access control

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Niko Configuration Software for access control

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Download the free Niko Configuration Software for access control. You can immediately try out the demo version. If you wish to configure the actual access control installation, you will need a PC interface (10-855) and a personal activation code. This PC interface can be purchased separately.

The Niko configuration software allows you to read and configure a new access control installation online. You can also prepare your configuration offline on your laptop. You assign the bell push buttons to the right internal unit. You can set the desired parameters for most devices and units. After, you can quickly and easily load the entire configuration into the installation using the PC interface.

The Niko configuration software can also be used to read an existing installation for maintenance of changing the parameters.

I already have a PC interface (10-855)

Send an e-mail to support@niko.be with the subject 'Request activation code NAC configuration software'. Make sure that you mention the serial number of your PC interface. You will receive your personal activation code no later than the following working day.

I don't have a PC interface yet (10-855)

You can purchase a PC interface at your wholesaler's. You will find a personal activation code for the Niko configuration software with each new PC interface.

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