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Smart living starter kit |Niko

Niko Home Control smart living starter kit

Quickly discover the advantages of a smart home.

With the Niko Home Control smart living starter kit, you can quickly and easily get to know the various advantages of a smart home. Once you've experienced the many advantages, you can easily expand your system to suit your family and needs.

After installing the package, you can add other solutions in the Niko Home Control for traditional wiring range, like smart plugs, single or double connected switches, connected motor control, etc. No need to worry: they all work with the same wireless smart hub included in the starter kit. 

The Niko Home Control smart living starter kit contains:

  • a wireless smart hub and a P1 cable for connecting to the digital meter
  • 1 connected switching socket outlet
  • 1 connected dimmer
  • 1 wireless motion detector

After installation, you can immediately enjoy the advantages of a smart home.

(phone not included)

Some examples of how this starter kit can make your home smart:

  • All-off: switch off all your appliances with a single press of the button
  • Presence simulation: scare off burglars by activating your lighting at irregular intervals when you are not at home
  • Solar mode: activate your appliances automatically when your solar panels are producing more energy than your home is using
  • Panic function: activate all your lights with a single press of the button
  • Scenes: create the right scene at home with a single press of the button. Connect not only your general lighting, but also a standing lamp, roll-down shutters or sun blinds and your music.  

Extend your smart home later

With this starter kit, you can start with a basic installation to discover all the advantages of a smart home. Add functionalities later, at your own pace, based on your budget. Without having to add additional wiring.

Then, you can always use the switches for something else. For example, control the lighting in your garden, which you always forget to turn off before going to bed, with a switch in your entrance hall. Or set the light so it goes off automatically. 

Niko Home Control touchscreen

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