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Connect your heat pump to Niko Home Control

Optimise the control of your heat pump for lower energy consumption and enhanced comfort at home

The choice of a heat pump is a sustainable solution to heat your home and create hot water, but by connecting it to Niko Home Control you can be even more efficient. Ensure your home has the right temperature as efficiently as possible.

Control your heat pump system in function of your specific needs, like having your hot water heated when you have a surplus of solar energy. Niko Home Control offers smart controls that place your heat pump solutions from our partner brands at your fingertips.

Heat pump partners by brand

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Smart heating with Niko Home Control

Thanks to Niko Home Control, you can now also monitor your heating, cooling and hot water from one central location. You can control all essential heating system functions, and do this remotely too.

Your living room is used at different times from your kitchen or bathroom. After school, your children may play or study in their bedrooms. With Niko Home Control, you heat each room in your home only when it's necessary.