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The Niko Home Control API for technology lovers

With 100 years of experience, including over 20 years in home automation, Niko is the market leader and an established name in Belgium. Niko Home Control is a guarantee of safety, comfort and energy-conscious living. More than that, you can connect other smart tools using an API for technology lovers. Want to get stuck in?

Activation or renewal

The Niko Home Control API: a gateway to smart solutions

Using the “hobby API”, you can now link smart solutions to your Niko Home Control installation yourself as well.

Are you tech savvy? Do you want to make Niko Home Control work together with your own application or with solutions such as Node-RED, openHAB or Home Assistant for your own use? Are you skilled in MQTT and JSON?

Then you can get started on your own.

Computer screen with code

You think of it … you build it … you enjoy it

Let your imagination think of great ways to improve your Niko Home Control installation. If you can think of it, you can build it.

Some ideas to get you started:

  • Get a text when the coffee is ready
  • Play games with matching lighting control
  • Turn the volume of your TV down when someone rings the doorbell
  • Light up the room when your receive an e-mail from a friend
  • Close windows when it starts to rain
  • Make the lighting turn red whenever your Minecraft redstone has a low battery
  • Control the lighting with your television mode
NHC kitchen mood

About the API connection

The wireless smart hub and the connected controller for Niko Home Control II contain an API, which gives you local access to the Niko Home Control installation. As soon as the installation is configured, you can operate Niko Home Control using the API, as well as receive status information.

API functionality:

  • retrieve your available Niko Home Control locations
  • retrieve your available Niko Home Control actions and devices
  • control your Niko Home Control actions and devices
  • receive status information from you Niko Home Control actions and devices
  • receive notification messages from your Niko Home Control installation

Good to know

  • The API is available locally in the home via the connected controller and the wireless smart hub for Niko Home Control II
  • The API uses MQTT as transport with JSON data objects for application communication
  • The API is secured and requires authentication via JWT tokens, which expire after one year; we recommend renewing the token every year via the Niko Home Control programming software
  • Technical API documentation can be found in the Niko Home Control programming software
  • There are several built-in technical limitations to guarantee your own safety and that of others
  • "You are in control, but if you break it, you fix it."

What do you need to get started?

  • A Niko Home Control account (register via the Niko Home Control programming software)

  • Niko Home Control system version 2.17 or newer

  • Knowledge of MQTT and JSON

  • JWT tokens (request them via the Niko Home Control programming software)

  • A great idea
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Product information

Are you looking for products or their technical details?

API for system integrators

Are you a system integrator? Would you like Niko Home Control to function with your application? Make it happen with the API connection for system integrators.

If this, then that

Are you a fanatic who is obsessed with efficiency and automation? Thanks to IFTTT, the possibilities of Niko Home Control are now limited only by your imagination!