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API connection for system integrators

Are you a system integrator? Would you like Niko Home Control to function with your application? You can make it happen by using the API connection for system integrators.

Why you should connect with Niko Home Control II

With 100 years of experience, including over 20 years in home automation, Niko is not only the market leader in Belgium, it is rapidly expanding to many other markets. Niko Home Control provides a stable and tested home automation system environment and is strongly appreciated by both clients and installers thanks to its quality, reliability and convenience.

In November 2017 Niko launched an updated version of its Home Control software: Niko Home Control II. From then on, it was possible for both the installer and the end-user to use the same tool: to program the installation and make adjustments. In effect, Niko offered smarter solutions that required less programming, including an API that is open to new integrators and brands.

What you should know about Niko Home Control II

The connected controller is the central module of every bus wired Niko Home Control installation. It covers all basic functions on which a Niko Home Control installation is built: it provides the power supply to the bus, ensures the connection with Niko Home Control IP devices (touchscreens and external video units) and enables remote control with a smartphone or tablet. Per installation only one connected controller is necessary. This module contains firmware that can only be programmed with the Niko Home Control programming software 2.1.1 or higher.

In electrical installations with classic light circuits, the wireless smart hub is the brain of the Niko Home Control installation. It allows you to connect all connected devices in your installation to the system. Once you have added them, you can easily control them with your smartphone. With the programming software, you can also add extensive functionalities such as moods, all-off functions or presence simulation. The smart hub always needs to be used in combination with the Niko Home Control programming software.

About the system integrator API connection

Both the connected controller and the wireless smart hub for Niko Home Control II contain the system integrator API, which gives installers “local access” to their Niko Home Control installation. In fact, as soon as the installation is configured, you can operate Niko Home Control by means of your own application, using this integrator API, as well as receive status information.

System integrator API functionality:

  • Retrieve your available Niko Home Control locations
  • Retrieve your available Niko Home Control routines and devices
  • Control your Niko Home Control routines and devices
  • Receive status information from your Niko Home Control routines and devices
  • Receive notification messages from your Niko Home Control installation

Good to know:

  • The API is intended for professionals and system integrators with knowledge of API development
  • The API is available locally in the home via the connected controller or the wireless smart hub for Niko Home Control II
  • The API uses MQTT as transport with JSON data objects
  • The API is secured and requires authentication via JWT tokens

If this, then that (IFTTT)

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Request access to the integrator API

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