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Energy efficient lighting control 

Dimmers and sensors can deliver considerable savings, and this in a number of different ways. Dimmers increase the service life of certain light bulbs, but also reduce energy consumption when used at a reduced level.

Motion sensors are used to automatically turn lights on and off, while light detectors measure the ambient light level and calculate the level of lighting required, thereby making the best use of natural daylight.

Save energy at home with detectors and dimmers

You can save a lot of energy by managing your lights intelligently. Not only by making sure they are off when they need to be, but also by dimming them so that you don’t use full power when it is not necessary.

Save energy in the office with intelligent lighting control 

It’s important to save energy at home, but it’s as necessary for companies to keep an eye on their energy and gas consumption. One way to do that is intelligent lighting control. This not only helps save lots of energy, but it also boosts employees’ efficiency.

Combine dimmers with detectors for daylight control

With daylight control your system will adjust the intensity of your indoor lighting according to the amount of daylight entering the room. As a result, the lighting level in the room can be kept at a steady level and you are sure the lights are not switched on when the sun is shining brightly.

This saves energy and helps workers maintain their focus. You can even divide your room into zones, letting your system dim the lamps nearer the window more than the lamps near the door.

Niko detector on ceiling in office

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