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Niko Home Control Energy - How can I align my heating to the Solar Mode?

You can:

  • Heat up the boiler when solar energy is available.

  • Or set your underfloor heating a few degrees higher during the day, so you need less energy to provide heating in the evening.

More information: <Click here>

Options for making this happen:



  • For low power capacities: Connect boiler/heating to smart socket outlet / plug.

  • If your heating system is compatible with IFTTT, you can set your boiler higher or boost the heating through that platform.

  • Through a connection to one of our partners.

  • Heat pumps usually have special contacts that are intended for smart control based on e.g. low energy tariffs. Through the use of our smart socket outlets / plugs or switching module, combined with an auxiliary relay if necessary, you can control your heating with Niko Home Control too.