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  • Not all tablets are compatible to receive calls from the access control solution in the Niko Home app. To be able to receive calls, a tablet needs to meet the following minimum requirements:

  • In order to be able to use the Niko Home app (blue house symbol) the software of the Niko Home Control installation shouldn't be older than version 2.5.1.

  • When facing onboarding problems, check for WiFi amplifiers. If WiFi amplifiers are in the installation they need to be disconnected. The Digital black must be placed near the internet modem, and the onboarding must be started that way. Once the onboarding is completed successfully the WiFi amplifiers can be reinstated. The Digital black will continue to work without issues.

  • The Niko Home app is the new app with which you can not only control your installation, but make your own alterations to your configuration. More detailed information on the features of the different apps can be found below. The Niko Home Control II app will be withdrawn in time.

  • The Niko Home app can be installed on the following devices: iPhone: Apple iOS 13 and higher. Android smartphones: Android 8 and above.

  • Yes, you can log in on multiple phones with the same account.

  • Yes, you can control and configure your Niko Home Control installation remotely. All your need for this is a smartphone with a working Internet connection.

  • Please follow the instructions below:

  • There can be several different causes for this:

  • By all means – you can add several different accounts in the Niko Home app and easily switch between these accounts without having to enter your password each time.

  • Please follow the instructions below

  • Please follow the instructions below

  • Make sure the computer on which you open the programming software is connected to the same network as your Niko Home Control installation OR connect this computer directly to your connected controller. Open the active version in the programming software using the ‘open’ button below and to the right of ‘Open active version’.