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Niko connected Zigbee® products
The Niko connected Zigbee® products are primarily destined to be used within a Niko Home Control environment. Their use is subject to the Niko Home Control terms of use.

Software updates
To guarantee the correct functioning of the Niko connected Zigbee® products, your installation should always be upgraded the latest software version. Software upgrades can only be installed when the Zigbee® devices have been linked to a Niko Home Control solution. You must always accept and install upgrades or safety patches provided by the Niko Home Control programming software or Niko Home app. If you choose not to make/maintain a connection with Niko Home Control, or perform the updates, the correct functioning or safety of these products cannot be guaranteed.

Use in third-party systems
The Niko connected Zigbee® products can, at the user’s own risk and with limited functionality (as a standard Zigbee® device), be added to and used within third-party Zigbee® networks. Modifications to existing functionalities and parameters in the Zigbee® private clusters of the devices are not allowed and are performed at the user’s own risk. If these affect the proper functioning or safety of the Niko connected Zigbee® products, it may void your warranty.

Niko is not responsible for the functioning and safety of the Zigbee® devices in case these are used outside of a Niko Home Control environment or when they are connected to a third-party device that is not managed by Niko and on which Niko has no control. In said situation, Niko cannot offer software updates for these products.

Network and security
Niko uses encryption technology to encrypt the communication between your Niko Home Control devices. To use these devices, you should have an active internet connection. You are personally responsible for the proper functioning and security of your home network as to avoid unauthorised access by third parties.