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Roxim, a French volume builder, chooses Niko’s smart home automation solution

The advantages of a smart home

While connected objects have been part of our homes for quite some time already, it’s now possible to coordinate and automate all your equipment leading to an easier and more comfortable day-to-day life! An automated smart home system like Niko Home Control lets you manage the security of your home, manage and optimise your energy consumption, and even remotely control your equipment, such as your coffee machine, your roller blinds, the lighting in your home and much more. 


Volume house builder sees the advantages of Niko Home Control

Roxim, a French volume builder that’s recently celebrated 30 years of operations, is one such volume house builder that recognises the advantages of smart homes and Niko Home Control. To Roxim, Niko mirrors its own philosophy of using technology to deliver innovative solutions for housing, residential complexes and cities.  New technologies are core to Roxim’s business. Building Information Modeling (BIM) is integrated into all the different project phases, including the creation of 3D models and virtual visits, developing smart, connected flats with à la carte functionalities, and meeting today’s needs relating to security, the optimisation of day-to-day tasks and energy savings. 


The future of connected housing

With lifestyles evolving and behaviours changing, Roxim understands that its customers are looking for more security, better energy management and more comfort and well-being in their homes.

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“We believe that future environments will be hyper-connected with services that increasingly meet people’s needs and are able to respond to every day-to-day situation.”

Employee Roxim

Niko Home Control

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