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Niko Home Control software upgrade 2.19

For an even better home automation experience

Niko is committed to constantly raising the bar in home automation. This latest software upgrade (2.19) of the Niko Home Control software and our Niko Home app offers our users new and improved features for their smart home installation, especially in the world of energy consumption. Upgrade now via the Niko Home app

Discover the new and improved features of Niko Home Control 2.19.

  • This software upgrade gives you the ability to seamlessly prepare and configure Dali devices offline and integrate them into actions or routines within our programming software. You no longer need to be on site for setup. On top of that, the ‘scan devices’ feature will be replaced and the process for on-boarding Dali devices will be aligned with the process used for other Niko Home Control devices.

  • In Q2 2024, Niko will launch a new wireless measuring module that will enable customers to measure the electricity production and consumption in an existing home, without rewiring . This innovation will allow users to track individual circuits or appliances like heat pumps, heat pump boilers, ovens, air-conditioning units and EV chargers, as well as overall electricity consumption and solar production.

  • It will soon be possible to measure energy flows from solar panels using the measuring clamps, as well as the flow of electricity to and from a separate battery. For non-hybrid converters this means insights into flows to and from the battery; while for hybrid converters it identifies excess solar energy production, with visualisation of the consolidated result..

  • A new ‘EV smart charging’ routine in the software release gives customers smart and automated control of their EV charger thanks to an API integration with car chargers from Mennekes, Alfen, Blitzpower or Veton. By connecting directly to the charger and taking into account other energy flows in the home, users can automatically avoid peak loads and increase their own consumption of solar energy. It will also be possible to override the smart charging routine in the Niko Home app and select the fastest charging cycle manually.

  • The software upgrade will send out a message every time a new ‘highest’ peak is reached during use. This is useful to know as this new value determines a user’s capacity tariff.

  • The latest software update also operates Niko’s new range of push buttons with LED and comfort sensors for bus wiring. With sensors that measure temperature and humidity, these switches – available as of March 2024 – will offer users an energy-efficient, cost-effective and elegant solution for multizone heating and cooling in their homes.

We're looking for more field testers

Are you passionate about technology and want to be at the forefront of innovation? We are looking for people who are interested in becoming Niko Home Control field testers.

What does field testing involve?
  • Technical skills: You must have a Niko Home Control installation and be technically savvy.
  • Exclusive opportunities: The chance to test new hardware free of charge before it is launched.
  • Early access: Be one of the first to experience and test software features.
  • Your feedback matters: Provide valuable feedback to Niko and contribute to the solutions of tomorrow.
House plan with Niko light points on indicated in Niko Home Control programming software

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