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Niko home control in the living room

Niko Home Control software upgrade 2.15

At Niko, we’re always working to create new and improved features for Niko Home Control.

We’re happy to inform you of our latest software upgrade (version 2.15) for both the Niko Home Control configuration software and the Niko Home app. Together they will make Niko Home Control work even better.

Download the new software to enjoy new and improved features such as:

  • Tablet support for the Niko Home app: you can use your tablet or iPad to control the entire installation, check your energy consumption and production and receive calls from your video door station.
  • Performance improvements: faster upload time in the programming software and Niko Home app.
  • Change access control settings: you can now vary the button, microphone and backlight sensitivity, as well as the speaker and tone volume of a video door station.
  • Control Renson installations via the Niko Home app and the Digital black: from now on, the  Renson Healthbox can also be controlled via the Niko Home app and Digital black, and its functions can be included in routines and controlled via the programming software.
  • Move the LED feedback status from one switch to another: with the new routine ‘player status’, you can disconnect the LED feedback from one switch and visualize its status on another. For example, it’s now possible to show whether a light in the basement is on elsewhere in the home (e.g. living room or kitchen).
  • Improvements of existing features: besides adding new features, we also constantly work on improving our existing features. 

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