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Compact programmable internal video unit for surface-mounting, with colour screen and comfort keys

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No longer available since December 2021

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This compact surface-mounting internal video unit with colour screen is delivered standard equipped to perform the following functions: allow a conversation with a visitor, produce a different tone for a call at an apartment door, main door or an internal call, switch lights on and off, open doors, adjust the volume and image, switch off the ring tone, activate the camera, indicate a busy signal and call signal with LEDs, transmit a control function (for relay 10-831 and others), allow a parallel call, make an internal call, etc. It is operated using clear, intuitive comfort keys and a menu which appears on the screen. The communication with the visitor is hands-free. The device can be entirely programmed using the Niko Configuration SW for access control.

Specification description

Compact programmable internal video unit for surface-mounting, with colour screen and comfort keys.

Compact hands-free internal video unit for surface-mounting, with colour screen and comfort keys. The internal video unit is part of a door communication system comprising one external unit and a power supply. It can display an image of a visitor at the door and enables you to communicate with the visitor and let him in. It is equipped with a TFT colour display with a diagonal length of 8.9 cm. The device can be attached directly to the wall or mounted in a flush-mounting box. The communication occurs hands-free in two directions. The device has clear, intuitive comfort keys. It is equipped with keys to open the door, to switch on the lighting, to activate the menu, to open a conversation and to activate the camera image.

There are four different calls possible: from the apartment door, from the main external unit, from an auxiliary external unit and a call originating from another internal unit. There is a different ring tone for each type of call. These ring tones can be modified. There are 13 ring tones from which to choose.

The ring tone can be set via the Niko Configuration SW or the programming menu. The ring signal can be deactivated using the designated key, which is indicated by an illuminating red indication LED. A call is displayed via a green indication LED.

The device is equipped with a removable terminal strip and a jumper to configure the terminal resistor for the video signal. A potential-free floor-bell push button or extra camera can be connected to the terminal strip. The following functions are possible via the Niko Configuration SW or menu: the setting up and making of up to 10 internal calls, the transmission of three control functions to control contacts, an internal call, a ring-and-come-in function, the set up of call diversion to another device or displaying centrally sent information messages. There are five possible menu languages: English, French, Dutch, Slovak and German.

  • dimensions: 186 x 101 x 20 mm (HxWxD)
  • finishing colour: white (polycarbonate + ABS)
  • ambient temperature: -5° to +40°C
  • protection degree: IP30
  • input current (in standby): 0.4 mA, I(P) = 13.5 mA
  • max input current: I(Pmax) = 130 mA
  • wire technique: 6-wired
  • marking: CE
  • TFT screen with 8.9 cm (3.5") diagonal screen size
  • possibility of activating simplex conversation mode
  • block listen in and automatic call termination
  • possibility to connect door opener and extra camera
  • configurable with Niko Configuration SW for access control

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