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A thermostat regulates the temperature. The digital clock thermostat regulates the central or electric heating. Our electrical clock thermostat regulates the air-conditioning. And with your regular and HVAC thermostat of Niko Home Control you choose for zone heating and cooling. You can heat or cool any room whenever you want.


How will the product be mounted?
Cabinet = in an electrical cabinet / DIN rail Flush mounting = in a suspended ceiling Flush-mounting box = in a flush-mounting box Surface mounting = on the surface of a wall or ceiling

Electronic thermostat

Two-point control for central heating, electric heating or air conditioning.


The thermostat can be installed in any room fitted with underfloor heating, a radiator, heating unit or cooling unit. It controls the heating or cooling for the room in which it is mounted. The thermostat is used in combination with the heating or cooling module. You can also connect this to a three-fold or six-fold switching module for switching electric heating in Niko Home Control 2.0. As Niko Home Control controls the heating or cooling in different rooms, the resident can considerably save energy by linking the thermostat, for example, to the eco-function (all-off) or calendar-based functions (contrary to maintaining a fixed temperature throughout when using thermostatic taps, for instance).