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Onefold faceplate, for double switch functions, Niko Rocker

Product details

This product consists of several components. Below you will find an overview of all the component parts.

Onefold faceplate, for double switch functions, Niko Rocker steel white coated

Reference code

The Niko Rocker onefold faceplate for a double switch clicks onto a single installed double switch function. The faceplate combines with any available Niko Rocker for double switch functions.

It consists of an upper frame, light guide and lower frame that are mechanically interconnected.

The light guide is made of a translucid plastic and transports the light from the optional LED to the lever.

The upperframe is made of steel. The lower frame is made of white polycarbonate (PC) + acrylic-styrene-acrylate (ASA), white coated. The upper frame is 2 mm thick and the lower fame 6 mm.

Niko recommends a design combination with the Niko Rocker in the following colour: steel white coated.

  • 154-56102
    Colour steel white coated
    Reference code 154-56102
  • 155-56102
    Colour alu grey brushed
    Reference code 155-56102
  • 166-56102
    Colour steel champagne coated
    Reference code 166-56102
  • 224-56102
    Colour alu black brushed
    Reference code 224-56102
  • 226-56102
    Colour alu blue grey brushed
    Reference code 226-56102
  • 227-56102
    Colour alu gold brushed
    Reference code 227-56102

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