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With different accessories you can flexibly respond to changing conditions. For example cover plates for switches and socket outlets you are not using at the moment, lights for control switches and long claws for flush-mounting boxes mounted too deeply. Or maybe you are in need of a protective cover to prevent your flush-mounting boxes from being painted.

Protective cap for paintwork

The protective cap is always placed over a mechanism equipped with a finishing set. It is suitable for the Niko Pure, Niko Intense and Niko Original series.

Label holder

The label holder is used for labelling, for example, switching material. It can be repositioned at another location and can be combined with all functions and the three series of faceplates (Niko Pure, Niko Intense and Niko Original). The label holder can be positioned left, right, at the bottom or at the top, and remains in position when removing the faceplate, e.g. for paintwork or cleaning.

DIN-rail module with RJ45 connector, PoE++ ready

The DIN-rail module with RJ45 connector, PoE++ ready is used to centrally mount an RJ connection point in the connection cabinet. This connection point is used to make a network connection with 1 device for telephone, Ethernet, IP, PoE or internet applications. The DIN connector is connected in a star configuration to the mechanism using a cable of the same performance type. This provides a central overview of all connection points throughout the entire residence.

Conduit fittings

Led lighting elements

The LED lighting element with automatic connection has a signalling function when combined with a single-pole switch, a two-way or intermediate switch, an N.O. push button or an N.O. or N.C. push button. In combination with a two-pole switch, this LED lighting element with automatic connection has a control function.


Set of claws, screws and nuts to switch from screw fixing to claw fixing. The set is suitable for fifty bases.

Long claw

Electronic precharge

The electronic precharge replaces the classic ohmic load and can be easily flush mounted due to the extremely compact housing made of heat-resistant, thermoplastic material. It is safe in all flush-mounting circumstances due to a heating of merely 35 °C higher than the ambient temperature. The electronic precharge is up to 56 % cooler than the normal solutions based on resistances (54% energy-saving compared to the classic ohmic load). It has to be connected in parallel to the primary circuit of the load.

E10 lamps for 6 A push buttons