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Compact intercom for surface mounting

Product details

This product consists of several components. Below you will find an overview of all the component parts.
  • Compact intercom for surface-mounting, white

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    This compact intercom offers the following standard features: communication with visitors, opening the door, switching the light, (de)activating the ring signal, ring tone distinction (call at the main door, call at an apartment door, internal call), a selection of 13 different ring tones, indication LEDs for an engaged-line signal and a call signal, adjusting the volume during a conversation or when the receiver is on the hook. The device is operated by four function keys and a volume control. One of the following functions can be assigned to the free function key: a control function for the DIN rail relay (10-831), an internal call, a ring-and-come-in function or call forwarding. Finishing colour: white

  • 10-509

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    This base can be used for table mounting the surface-mounting telephone, 10-015, 10-055, 10-085, 10-095, 10-505.

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