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  • When you require a fast and easy solution.

  • Switches and socket outlets within the Niko Hydro range are also available with plug-in terminals. But the switches and socket outlets with screw terminals are also available, so you always have the choice. Both types retail at the same price.

  • The difference lies in the way in which the conductor is fixed in the terminal.

  • Yes, without any problem.

  • The LED lighting element should be chosen according to your type of switch or push button. For example, there are the LED lighting elements which are fitted with wire connections and which can be used for any type of switch or push button, with both screw and plug-in connections. It doesn't matter whether it is flush-mounting switching material or Niko Hydro mechanisms.

  • Yes, the Niko plug-in terminals undergo a whole battery of tests...

  • The conductors for socket outlets need to be stripped to 14 mm, the conductors for switches to 8 mm...

  • Yes. Plug-in terminals are available for a wide and universal assortment. There is a variant with plug-in terminals available for all Niko switches and socket outlets.