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Niko Home Control - Why should an installer choose Niko Home Control?

The needs of the resident were central in the design of Niko Home Control. The installer has everything he needs to satisfy the demands of the builder or renovator. Niko Home Control is quick and easy to install and can be perfectly adapted to the size of the installation. Its programming software is very intuitive and includes many pre-programmed logical functions. Niko Home Control offers great added value to the installer by reducing the workload and eliminating difficulties. 

The reasons why the installer chooses Niko Home Control*:

  • Niko Home Control installation
    • two-wire non-polarised cabling to all controls
    • free topology with standard cables available such as SVV or JYSTY (UTP, STP, TPVF, …)
    • neatly arranged set-up and limited space needed in the electrical cabinet
    • a minimum amount of cabling in the electrical cabinet since the modules are connected with a unique sliding contact
    • a minimum of programming work since each function has its own module
    • components with an exceptionally low energy consumption
    • a minimum of heat dissipation in the electrical cabinet; the modules have a very long lifespan
  • can be installed easily and very quickly
  • user-friendly programming
  • added value in comparison with a traditional installation

This argumentation is further elaborated in the brochure for professionals.