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Niko Home Control - Which wiring is recommended for Niko Home Control?

A two-wire bus cable provides power to the various control elements outside the electrical cabinet. The wiring diagram has a free topology, which means you are not bound by a fixed cabling diagram. All controls are easily and quickly connected thanks to the non-polarised bus cabling. Simply connect the two wires in the terminals with no risk of a faulty connection.

The distance between the power supply and the furthest point in the installation depends on the cross-sectional area of the bus cable:

  • diameter: 0.8 mm (section: 0.50 mm²) => 250 m (e.g. SVV, JYSTY)
  • diameter: 0.6 mm (section: 0.25 mm²) => 150 m (e.g. TPVF)
  • diameter: 0.5 mm (section: 0.20 mm²) => 100 m (at least AWG24, e.g. UTP, FTP, STP)

The touchscreen is connected via a UTP cable and a power supply cable or a single UTP cable in combination with a Power over Ethernet module (550-00501) in the electrical cabinet.

Inside the electrical cabinet, modules located on one and the same DIN rail are interconnected via a sliding contact. A rail coupler, or a second power supply if needed, should be used first on every new DIN rail. Connect all four connection terminals (+, -, B1, B2) to the corresponding connection terminals of the rail coupler or the power supply on the previous and next rails. Polarisation is important in this case.