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Niko Home Control - How can I measure the gas and water consumption? Do I need a special meter?

Include a meter with pulse output. Connect the pulse output to the pulse counter. Gas meter (mechanical) already installed? A pulse generator (add-on piece) can be attached to the meter housing.(first check whether you have a suitable meter for this). There are various types of add-on pieces available. There is no need to make changes to the actual gas pipes. In Belgium, the following types of gas meters are used:
  • RF1, manufactured by Itron, Actaris, Pipersberg or Schlumberger. This type of gas meter can be fitted with pulse generator Actaris 951-858-04 or 951-858-06.
  • BK-G4, manufactured by Elster or Krom Schroder. Pulse generator Elster IN-Z62 or IN-Z61 is used for this type of gas meter. 
Both Actaris and Elster pulse generators are available from wholesale suppliers that specialize in bathroom fittings or heating systems.  You can ask the installer of the heating or sanitary system to install a separate gas or water meter with pulse output.