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Niko Home Control Energy - EV Smart charging Solar mode – How does it work? My car will not charge in solar mode. How do I charge my car when there is insufficient solar power available?

With Solar mode, the car will be charged using excessive solar panel power.

You need to plug in your car in the EV charger (and if needed, you need to start the charging session with your badge).
From the moment, IF there is sufficient excessive solar power available, the EV charging will start.
The solar mode will dynamically adjust the car's charging power, based upon the amount of available excessive solar power.
The EV charging pauses from the moment there is not enough excessive solar power available.

Your car always requires a minimum amount of power to start charging.

  • When using mono phase loading, your car needs 1380 Watt (6A) as a minimum.
  • When having a 3-phase loading, your car needs 4140 Watt (3x 6A) as a minimum.

If your solar panels cannot produce this amount of excess energy (for example in the winter months or during grey days), Solar mode can use also additional power from the grid, in combination with your excessive solar power to charge the car at the minimum level.
Of course, from the moment your Solar panels produce enough excessive power to charge at the minimum level, the car will be charged only using this Solar power and not using that additional power from the grid.

The maximum allowed power consumption from the electricity grid for the solar mode can be updated via your Niko Home App.

You can find this “Maximum grid power supplement for solar energy” value in the EV charger settings on your Niko Home APP.