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Niko Home Control Energy - Do you need to have Niko Home Control to use this solution with the Smart Hub? Does the Smart Hub work in a classical installation too?

You do not need to have any existing system and it is perfectly possible to integrate this solution into a classical installation with the Smart Hub.
The solution itself is part of Niko Home Control, so once you have installed the Smart Hub, there are various ways to add functionality:
Everything begins with the wireless Smart Hub (which is the heart of a Niko Home Control solution for an existing home). When you connect this to the digital meter, you can immediately monitor the total energy and gas consumption in your home in the Niko Home app.
If you have solar panels, you can also see how much energy you are putting back into the grid yourself from now on. If you have a transformer from SMA (Sunny Boy or Sunny Tripower), you can also monitor your energy production.

Make sure your SMA transformer and your Smart Hub are connected to the same LAN network, and then you will be able to read the information in the app.

Would you like to be able to switch your devices on and off smartly and monitor their specific energy consumption?
Then you can add your connected socket outlets (you simply replace your existing ones with these connected versions) or smart plugs (you just plug these into your existing socket outlets, without modifying anything about your installation).
After installation, you can easily connect them to the Smart Hub through the Niko Home app. From this point on, there are even more possibilities: you can switch your appliances on/off through the socket outlet with the Niko Home app, monitor a device's precise energy consumption and have smart notifications sent when your system notices something unusual. You can smartly control systems at home without connected socket outlets or smart plugs too:

  • Smart devices that you can connect to Niko Home Control via IFTTT.

  • Smart systems from partner brands can be connected to Niko Home Control through an API link.

This solution effectively gives you Niko Home Control and you can further extend it as desired too:

Would you like to control your lighting, roll-down shutters and sun blinds smartly as well?

Then you can replace existing switches with connected switches and motor controls and connect these to the Smart Hub through the Niko Home app. You can then control your lighting with your smartphone or include it in certain routines, which you can easily activate with one press.

  • Do you want that lighting to automatically turn on in certain places based on movement? Then you can add a wireless motion detector to your installation.
  •  Do you want to operate several functions and routines centrally from 1 place at home? The Digital black is the same size as a normal switch, but can control up to 12 functions.