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Niko Home Control for traditional wiring - Why do I need to replace the battery of the Zigbee® switch sooner than five years?

The battery powered Zigbee® switch is engineered for a battery lifetime of five years since this meets the needs of a professional installer.   

This lifetime is primarily based on a use of maximum 20 short push events per day, during 365 days per year, and five years in a row. 

Note that this is more than the average use of a residential wall switch. It is therefore possible that the battery lifetime is longer than five years.            

However, sometimes the battery needs to be replaced sooner.
To understand why this happens, know that following factors influence the battery lifetime:     

  • The age and quality of the inserted battery when inserting it in the Zigbee® switch. Was it partly discharged or new? Is the battery made by a quality brand?
  • The amount of push events per day. More push events per day drain more energy from the battery.
  • If the event is a short push or long push. Long push events drain more energy than short push events. The push button mode where a user keeps on pushing a switch button, and the press & hold mode, where a user pushes a switch button to dim up or dim down, are considered long push events.
  • Perform a factory reset with the Zigbee®switch.
  • If it is used in stand-alone mode and paired with a smart LED lamp without a hub (example: Ikea Trådfri or Innr bulbs) and the lamp is often switched OFF by a manual switch.
    The Zigbee® switch will try to reestablish the wireless connection to the lamp and therefore drains more energy from the battery.
  • If the Zigbee® switch is in a bad radio coverage area where it has to resend its wireless telegrams, or reinitiate its network connection.
  • If the Zigbee® switch is being paired and configured (read/write events via the Niko Home Control programming software or a 3rd party system).
  • Temperature. Low temperatures will decrease the longevity of the battery.