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Niko Home Control for traditional wiring - What is the maximum wireless range of a Zigbee® device and how can I extend this?

The maximum indoor wireless range of a Zigbee® device is 10 m. Note that this range can vary and depends mainly on three aspects of a building or room:

  1.  The used materials.
  2. The indoor position of the connected Zigbee® device.
  3. Sources of interference.

For more information about these three aspects, read the installation chapter of a connected Zigbee® control.

The wireless range can be extended beyond 10 m via the mesh networking capability of a Zigbee® repeater. Only 230V powered Zigbee® products support the mesh networking feature and act as repeaters. Energy-harvesting or battery-powered Zigbee® devices, such as the Zigbee® wireless motion detector (552-80401), do not act as a repeater in a Zigbee® network. These products only act as a receiver and cannot be used to extend the wireless network.