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Niko Home Control for traditional wiring - How to add a Zigbee® control via the Niko Home Control programming software?

Adding a Zigbee® device can be done via the Niko Home Control programming software. Connect the laptop to the Niko Home Control system, open a project and go to the Create overview window.

When adding 230 V powered Zigbee controls:

In the Add controls and devices pane, go to Connected controls > Connected switches, Zigbee® and select the desired Zigbee® device from the list. A variant with LED feedback or without. The variant selection is based on the central plate that has been ordered – one with or without lens.

Note: The Easywave# controls are listed in the same Add controls and devices pane, but under Connected controls > Connected switches.

When adding battery powered Zigbee controls:

In the Add controls and devices pane, go to Generic controls > Wireless and select the desired Wireless battery powered Zigbee® switch from the list.

Note: The battery powered Easywave push buttons are listed in the same view.