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Niko Home Control for traditional wiring - How do I replace a battery in a Zigbee® switch?

When the switch no longer triggers a stable action, follow the steps below:       

  1. Remove the faceplate of the switch by hand. Put your thumbs on the central plate and wrap your other fingers around the faceplate. Push with your thumbs and pull with the other fingers to loosen the faceplate.
  2. Lift the switch from the base using a screwdriver.
  3. Slide the empty coin cell battery out of the battery holder, recycle it and keep the battery away from children.
  4. Slide in a new 3V coin cell battery (CR2450), the positive pole facing out.
  5. Hinge the central plate(s) back in the correct position.
  6. Fit the battery powered Zigbee® switch into the base by inserting the bottom part first, then the top.
  7. Reattach the faceplate. Note that the recess should be pointing to the bottom.