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Niko Home Control for traditional wiring - How do I install the Niko battery powered Zigbee® switches?

You can install a Niko battery powered Zigbee® switch in three ways:      

  1. On a wall mount box with a metal base plate for your region (60x71 mm with screws/claws or 71x71 mm with screws/claws). Order battery powered switch (552-7201X) with metal base plate (552-720X0).
  2. On a flat surface with double-sided adhesive tape (included, can be used only once) or plugs and screws (not included). Use non-countersunk screws only. Order battery powered switch with plastic base plate (552-7200X).
  3. On a glass wall with double-sided adhesive labels (included) that may be used only once. Order battery powered switch with plastic base plate (552-7200X).

Battery powered Zigbee® switches cannot extend the wireless range and should be positioned maximum 10 meter from a 230V powered Zigbee® device.