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Niko Home Control for traditional wiring - How can I see if I have a Zigbee® device or an Easywave# device?

The Niko connected Zigbee® products are identified by an article number within the 552-series whereas Easywave# devices carry an article number that is found within the 551-series.

The article number (551-xxxxx or 552-xxxxx) is printed on the packaging label, and on the front cover foil of the Zigbee® or Easywave# device. Mind to remove the finishes in order to see the front foil and the article number.

When the product inside the packaging is a Zigbee® device, then the packaging label contains a descriptive product text with the word Zigbee® and it may contain an additional sentence such as Certified Zigbee Product.

To identify the type via the Niko Home Control programming software, open the Create overview window, then right click on the control device. The device pane will appear on the right-hand side of the screen and the product description is mentioned in the top of the device pane. When the word Zigbee® is written, then the selected control device is a connected Zigbee® product (552-xxxxx). If not, then it is an Easywave# device (551-xxxxx), unless the description text identifies it as a push button extension (170-xxxxx).