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Niko Home Control for traditional wiring - Can I replace an Easywave# device with a Zigbee® device?

When replacing an existing Easywave# device with a Zigbee® control, it is important to verify that the wireless distance to another Zigbee® device does not exceed 10 m. We recommend measuring and testing the maximum wireless range before final installation. When the wireless connection cannot be established in a stable way, add a repeater Zigbee® device. Niko Zigbee® repeaters are 230V powered Zigbee® devices. Energy-harvesting or battery-powered Zigbee® devices, such as the Zigbee® wireless motion detector (552-80401), do not act as a repeater in a Zigbee® network. They only act as a receiver and cannot be used to extend the network.

For example: When adding a Zigbee® control, start measuring the distance from the location of the wireless smart hub for Niko Home Control (552-00001) and plan for maximum 10 m towards the next Zigbee® device, which can be separated for maximum 10 m with another Zigbee® device, and so on. All 230V powered Zigbee® devices support the mesh network functionality. that extends the maximum wireless range.