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Niko Access Control - Analogue - Can I integrate material other than that provided by Niko (cameras, monitors, TVs) into a Niko Access Control installation?

The video signal of the Niko Access Control installation is a symmetrical line signal (1 VPP 100 Ω), while a non-symmetrical coax signal (1 VPP 75 Ω) is the most common standard video signal.

You need two products for the conversion:

  • The video transmitter converts the 75 Ω signal from the non-Niko cameras to the 100 Ω signal of the Niko installation. Cameras like these work on SELV or 230 V. On the video transmitter, there is a power supply voltage of 12 Vdc (max. 250 mA) for the camera. The output signal is permanently available.
  • The video receiver converts the 100 Ω signal from the Niko installation to the 75 Ω signal of the TV or monitor. The output signal is permanently available.

video transmitter
video receiver