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Dimming - Why would I buy a dimmer?

Dimming light sources allows you to control the light intensity of a luminaire or lamps. There are two reasons to install a dimmer in your home or building:


  • You can positively influence your comfort, well-being and mood using dimmed light.
    • Enjoy a cosy meal at your dining table and create the right atmosphere for relaxing in your living room, working efficiently at your desk, or checking on your baby in low light. Gradually set the light to create the right scene using a push button or rotary dimmer switch.
    • Choose the right colour temperature or colour with LED lamps which support the functions tuneable white or red-green-blue-white.


  • You can save energy by dimming a lighting circuit.
    • By reducing the light intensity, the lamps or light fittings will consume less energy. This reduces your energy invoice.
    • Your lamps will never stay on unnecessarily in the stairwell with a staircase function.