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Dimming - I have DALI lighting. Which controls can I choose?

A DALI fitting contains internal digital lighting control. You need a DALI control to control the light intensity of this fitting. You can choose the Niko DALI push button interface (e.g. 350-70020), which is connected with a Niko push button (e.g. 170-401x0, 170-40050), or the Niko DALI push button dimmer (e.g.310-0210X). These controls contain no integrated power supply. The modules draw their energy from the DALI bus, which is connected via a separate supply. If you need an external DALI bus power supply, you can choose a Niko modular DALI bus power supply (e.g. 67-710), or a ballast-form DALI bus power supply (e.g. 350-70985). If you want to dim a lighting circuit with a DALI control via a traditional phase control dimmer, you will need a modular dimmer (e.g. 65-411). In order to configure these products, you will not need DALI software. You set one of the 16 specific group addresses via the dip switches, or a broadcast mode (send to all groups).

Niko can also help you if you want to operate the DALI lighting circuit via a DALI motion sensor. In order to configure these products, you will need DALI software. Read the relevant manual on www.niko.eu