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Dimming - Help! My LED lamps flicker or stay ignited after switching off. The light source is connected to a 2-wire dimmer.

A 2-wire dimmer is dependent on the connected light source for its energy supply. A quality lamp, luminaire or light fitting is therefore important. When LED lamps are of less good quality there could be visible effects.

  • Lamp flicker: this happens when not enough current flows through the lamp to the dimmer. In this situation, the dimmer loses its synchronisation and the light source will suffer from flicker.
  • Lamps which stay ignited after switching off the dimmer, the so-called 'ghosting effect': This happens when leakage currents are generated via capacitive effects with long cables, or if the light source permits the flow of too much leakage current. Lamps or light fittings with a very low electric power can light up as a result, even when the dimmer is switched off.

These effects can be resolved with a lamp compensator for LED lamps (e.g. ref. 09-016-10 or ref. 310-05001). These components can be fitted by a professional, in parallel over the first LED lamp in the lighting circuit, between the switching wire and neutral conductor. The professional can install several lamp compensators ref. 310-05001 in parallel if symptoms persist.
Note: When the lamp flicker is caused by PLC, there is no use by adding the lamp compensator.