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Heating or cooling module for Niko Home Control

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This module allows you to control the heating or cooling in a maximum of four separate zones or rooms. Each zone or room should be equipped with a Niko Home Control thermostat. By pushing the button, you can also control each contact manually. The module includes five indication LEDs and one status LED, and uses very little energy.

Specification description

Heating or cooling module for Niko Home Control.

  • Function: The heating or cooling module controls the heating or cooling in four zones or rooms.

The module has four outputs to operate control valves (e.g. electronic valves at 230 V AC or 24 V DC), pumps, electric heating units or individual cooling units (e.g. air-conditioning units or fan convectors) in four different zones or rooms. This allows you to apply different heating or cooling settings to each one of the four zones or rooms fitted with a Niko Home Control thermostat. The module uses one output to control the heating or cooling system. When the module receives a heating or cooling request from the Niko Home Control thermostat in one of the zones or rooms, the H/C contact of all the modules will be closed which then activates the central boiler or cooling unit. The most centrally located boilers or cooling units are fitted with an input contact (e.g. a telephone or boiler contact) for this purpose. If not, a special regulation module will be added to the central boiler or cooling unit. In installations with a hot water reservoir, the circulation pump will be activated. To avoid conflict in the installation, the module takes into account the opening and closing times of the electronic valves as well as the lag time of the heating or cooling system .

When the module is functioning properly, the STATUS LED will light up in TEST mode only. If one or several errors occur, the LED will blink to indicate the error code of the error with the highest priority.

  • maximum current per module: 16 A
  • connection terminals to control 4 valves at 230 V AC or 24 V DC, do not use both 230 V AC and 24 V DC on the same module
  • connection terminals to control a central boiler or cooling unit
  • Sliding contact to connect the module to the following module on the DIN rail
  • Connection terminals: 2 x 7 screw terminals
  • Wire capacity
    • 3 x 1.5 mm² of 2 x 2.5 mm² or 1 x 4 mm² wire per terminal
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 91 x 71.4 mm
  • Marking: CE

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