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Presence detector P46LR, DALI-2, secondary - BMS, 32-37 m, for flush-mounting box, white

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This presence detector is a DALI-2 secondary and BMS detector that extends the detection range of a DALI master detector or as part of a BMS system. The detector is specially designed for mounting in a standard flush-mounting box (60 or 79 mm diagonal screw distance). If the detector is used as a secondary detector and connected to a DALI bus controlled by a DALI master detector, it will start communicating with this master detector without further commissioning. If it is connected to the DALI bus of a BMS system, the detector needs to be commissioned with the BMS software. The detector’s settings can be modified using the Niko detector tool app and 2-way Bluetooth® communication between a smartphone and the detector or using the BMS software.

Finishing colour: white

Compatible master detectors: 353-650321, 353-651321, 353-651421, 353-652321, 353-652421, 353-750321, 353-751321, 353-751421, 353-752321, 353-752421, 353-852411

This article is protected by at least one patent (application). For more info on patents, see www.niko.eu/innovation.

Specification description

Presence detector P46LR, DALI-2, secondary - BMS, 32-37 m, for flush-mounting box, white.

  • Easy installation thanks to the direct connection to the DALI bus
  • Communication with the master or BMS system via the DALI bus
  • Power supply via the DALI bus
  • Easy mounting in a standard European-flush mounting box
  • Quick cabling using screwless and easily accessible plug-in terminals
  • User-friendly app for settings (iOS/Android) or BMS software
  • 2-way Bluetooth® communication ensures quick modification of settings and live feedback in the app
  • Fitted with three PIR segments, each covering 120°
  • Pre-configured functions:
    • adjustable PIR sensitivity (4 levels) in 3 x 120°
    • one or more PIR segments can be disabled
    • event log keeps track of recent changes
  • Settings and configuration can be locked with a PIN-code

Technical data

  • Detector technology: PIR
  • Input voltage: via the DALI bus
  • Detector output: DALI-2
  • Maximum current consumption: 28.1 mA
  • Nominal current consumption (12 V, 25°C), Bluetooth® enabled: 8.1 mA
  • Nominal current consumption (12 V, 25°C), Bluetooth® disabled: 5 mA
  • Maximum MCB rating: 16 A (limited by national installation rules)
  • Maximum startup time DALI: <1200 ms
  • Maximum PIR detection startup time: 1 min 10 s
  • Light intensity range: 0 lux – 10360 lux
  • Detection angle: 360°
  • Detection range (PIR): ø 37 m from a height of 3 m
  • Ambient temperature: -25 – +40 °C
  • Mounting method: flush-mounting box
  • Mounting height: 2 – 3.5 m
  • Usage: for indoor use only
  • Colour: white (approximately RAL 9010)
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 100 x 100 x 77.2 mm
  • Dimensions visible (HxWxD): 100 x 100 x 42.2 mm
  • Weight: 108 g
  • Maximum range Bluetooth® (free field, depending on the device): 50 m
  • Operating frequency: 2.4 GHz
  • Maximum radio frequency power: -2 dBm
  • Modification of settings: Niko detector tool app (iOS-Android) and 2-way Bluetooth® communication - BMS software
  • Protection degree: IP20
  • Impact resistance: IK04
  • Halogen-free: yes
  • Marking: CE
  • Certification marks: SundaHus, Byggvarubedömningen

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