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Ventilation control with LED for Niko Home Control, champagne coated


This push button allows four ventilation positions to be set. It is attached to the wall-mounted printed circuit using a click mechanism. An LED indicates to which level the ventilation is set. Switch including button. Finishing colour: champagne coated.

Specification description

Ventilation control with LED for Niko Home Control, champagne coated. The push button for ventilation allows the resident to operate the central ventilation system (type C or D) via the Niko Home Control installation.

The push button includes four action buttons: one for each setting of the central ventilation system (low, medium, high) and one that activates the boost function. There is also one that activates the boost function. This activates the highest setting during a preset amount of time. The installation then returns to the previous setting.

To mount the push button, press the unit onto a Niko Home Control wall-mounted printed circuit board until it clicks into place. The functions of the action buttons can be assigned while programming the installation by linking each function to the unique address of each action button during the addressing phase. This information is then stored in the controller. The upper and lower keys are fitted at the bottom with a small amber-coloured indication LED (1.5 x 1.5 mm) to indicate the status of the action. Using the programming software, you can program the LEDs to light up when the output is either activated or deactivated . On the key in the bottom right corner a clock is printed to indicate the boost function. The three other keys are printed with a ventilator with the speed going anti-clockwise, starting with the key in the top left corner. To dismount simply pull the central plate off the base.

  • Material central plate: The central plate is enamelled and made of rigid PC and ASA.
  • Colour: enamelled champagne
  • Impact resistance: After mounting, an impact-resistance of IK06 is guaranteed.
  • The plastic parts of the central plate are self-extinguishing (comply with a filament test of 650°C) and are halogen-free.
  • Input voltage: 26 Vdc (SELV, safety extra-low voltage)
  • Minimum ambient temperature: 0 °C
  • Maximum ambient temperature: +50 °C
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 47 x 44.7 x 10.3 mm
  • Marking: CE

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