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Wireless Easywave three-channel transmitter

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The wireless Easywave three-channel transmitter is suitable for flush mounting and may only be used to control wireless Easywave receivers. By using this wireless Easywave three-channel transmitter, you can expand the switching functions of existing switches or push buttons via a receiver. The three-channel transmitter checks whether a switch/push button is live and transmits the corresponding Easywave code (A, B, C or D) to the wireless Easywave receiver, which in turn switches the consumer.

Frequency band: 868.0 - 868.6MHz

Maximum power output: 3.4 dBm


Wireless Easywave three-channel transmitter

  • Möjlighet att kommunicera med den trådlösa bryggan genom att ansluta USB RF- radiogränssnittet till en ledig USBport på den anslutna kontrollenheten
  • Inte kompatibel med den trådlösa bryggan
  • Märkning: CE

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