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Niko Zublin


Niko.eu is the new home of all Züblin products

Are you looking for Züblin detectors? You can find them here at niko.eu. 
The detectors as you know them have not changed. Their names, packaging and specifications remain the same. They have just been integrated into the extensive Niko range, which is why you can find them on the Niko website as of now.

Swiss Garde product range Full detector range

About Niko

More than 100 years of tradition and expertise has resulted in a strong brand with a reputation for high quality and reliability. Customer service is our top priority and one of our core values is to never let our customers down. With the upcoming rebranding of Züblin products as Niko, you will be able to offer your customers a complete and comprehensive range of high-quality and user-friendly products.

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