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Overvoltage module with red LED for socket outlet with overvoltage protection

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This overvoltage module is equipped with a red LED and is used in combination with a socket outlet with overvoltage protection.


Seen from the front of the socket outlet, the overvoltage module is clicked into the back of the base, with the LED in the bottom-left corner. After the overvoltage module has been clicked into the back of the base, it must still be connected using 3 wires. If the red LED is illuminated, then overvoltage protection is no longer operational (the protected appliance remains live), and the overvoltage module with red LED must be replaced. The red light is produced by an LED with very limited power consumption (0.055 W when the LED is not illuminated). It is shockproof and does not radiate any heat. The connection wires of the overvoltage module are made of flexible tinned copper, are 5cm long and are insulated with PVC. Wire diameter of the connection wires: 1 mm. The rear of the overvoltage module is equipped with a Tampoprint indicating the overvoltage specifications. Uc: 250 V, Uoc: 4 kV, Up: 1.5 kV, f: 50 Hz, modes: L-L / L-PE. Short-circuit current: Icc= 1.5 kA. CE marking and CEBEC approved.

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