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100 lat doświadczenia

Bezpieczne przełączanie i łączenie jest w naszym DNA. Przez lata nieustannie ewoluowaliśmy w kierunku bardziej nowoczesnych instalacji elektrycznych.

Stulecie Niko: najlepsze jeszcze przed nami

Jo De Backer pamięta swojego dziadka, Alfonsa De Backera, a także dziadka stryjecznego, Wernera, dwóch założycieli firmy Niko. Jo rzadko udziela wywiadów telewizyjnych, ale na setną rocznicę zdecydował się na wyjątek.

Założony w 1919 roku

W 1919 roku bracia Alfons i Werner De Backer założyli firmę Niko. W swoich warsztatach w Sint-Niko-laas projektowali i produkowali przełączniki i gniazdka, które szybko zdobyły popularność na rynku belgijskim. W 1965 roku wraz z luksusowym przełącznikiem Inter 70 firma wprowadziła swoje pierwsze produkty na rynek międzynarodowy.

Belgijska firma rodzinna

Dziś Niko jest kierowany przez trzecią generację rodziny De Backer, a wszystkie rozwiązania oferowane przez tę rodzinną firmę tworzone są w celu zaspokojenia codziennych potrzeb klientów. Projektuje on innowacyjne koncepcje, które sprawiają, że życie w domu i w pracy jest elastyczne i łatwiejsze. Niko dokłada wszelkich starań, aby zapewnić dobrze opracowany design i przyjazne dla środowiska podejście. W tym celu firma dużo inwestuje w badania i rozwój.

Nasza historia na osi czasu


Electricity becomes established in the 1900s and has a huge and permanent impact on the world.


Werner & Alfons De Backer launch Niko in the centre of Sint-Nikolaas (Belgium) 5 months after the end of World War I.


The first Niko products are simple or double switches and socket outlets, made of porcelain.


The brothers set up their offices and factory in the Lindenstraat in Sint-Niklaas. The Niko home for the coming 52 years.


Charles Lindbergh is the first pilot ever to conduct a non-stop transatlantic flight. He flies from New York to Paris in 33 hours. The world becomes a little ‘smaller’.


Bakelite is invented by the Belgian Leo Baekeland in 1907. In 1928 Niko produces its first Bakelite® wall switch.


Niko becomes an NV (Public Limited Company).


At the end of World War II, the United Nations is established. This intergovernmental organisation exists to promote international cooperation.


After World War II, Niko frees up part of its capacity to support the rebuilding of the Netherlands.


Niko keeps growing: turnover increases from 60 to 92 million Belgian francs in the ‘50s (1.5 to 2.3 million euros).


All eyes are on Belgium: the Brussels World’s Fair, better known as Expo ’58 takes place. It will forever be synonymous of the future and progress. It’s the beginning of a new and different era.


Niko launches the new rocker switch.


The computer chip is invented. Where as in 1958 the production of an electrical circuit cost 10 dollars, you now get a chip with millions of circuits.


The ‘Bo-Niko’ luminaires are born and become a tremendous success, encouraging Niko to open a new factory in Industriepark-Noord in Sint-Niklaas.


Constant innovation leads to several new products and domains to explore. Turnover increases in the ‘60s from 100 to 265 million Belgian francs (2.5 to 6.6 million euros).


Bob Dylan releases the song ‘The Times They Are a-Changin’. He wrote it as a deliberate attempt to create an anthem of change for the time. Ever since its release the song has been very influential to people’s views on society.


Niko launches the first flat luxury switch in Europe: Niko’s Inter 70.


Only two years later, the first electronic dimmer is brought to market. Constant innovation, improvement and simplicity are core for Niko.


Whereas Yuri Gagarin was the first human to travel in space in 1961, Neil Armstrong has the honour of taking the very first step on the moon.


Niko relocates to a new site – Industriepark-West. This is still the home of Niko Group today.


Release of the ‘Apple II’, one of the first successful personal computers. It will be produced for almost 17 years.


New catalogues, promoting the luxury switch in Europe. Our habit of setting high standards of quality and not compromising is a cornerstone of our success.


Introduction of a new baseline: “The touch of Niko”. It captures in one small phrase what makes us unique, the sometimes small things that make the difference.


The use of internet, until now reserved for government and education, is opened up by the U.S. government to companies and individuals. The world of communication changes dramatically.


Niko takes its first steps in home automation systems with the launch of Nikobus: a system programmable with a screwdriver, easy to handle by the installers.


With the acquisition of 3 companies in Belgium and the Netherlands, Niko Group starts to focus also on care and assisted living solutions.


The current ranges of Niko are launched: Niko Original, Niko Intense and Niko Pure. All this with a new logo and tagline: “Illuminating ideas”.


The start of Fifthplay – an innovative software platform with a focus on enriching smart homes and buildings with services of care, comfort and energy.


The first iPhone is introduced. Apple Inc. will sell over 700 million iPhones in the coming years.


Acquisition of Servodan – market leader in Denmark and specialised in products for intelligent lighting control.


The launch of Niko Home Control. We no longer talk about domotics, but about a modern electrical installation, designed to be available for everyone who wants to build or renovate.


The Nobel Prize in physics is awarded for the invention of LED, a major evolution in energy saving light sources. Giving people more possibilities to create moods and leading to new generations of our lighting control devices.


Acquisition of Züblin – a Swiss company specialised in lighting control systems and luminaires.


Niko Group expresses a unified vision and mission for its business lines.


Niko Home Control never stops evolving and is becoming even smarter, more flexible and more user friendly. Benefitting both installers and end users, Niko is also open to new technologies and supports the connection to high quality partner brands. In this way, the system is entirely future-proof and it becomes the ultimate platform to centrally control all pioneering ecosystems.


On 1 April 2019, Niko celebrated its 100th anniversary, representing 100 years of innovation and vision. With the revolutionary Digital black, we now celebrate this milestone in our history. The book “100 years of Niko – illuminating ideas” describes Niko’s history over 3 generations of the De Backer family and everyone involved in Niko’s success.