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Stembediening - Google Assistant - Wat kan ik met Google Assistant sturen?


  • Oké Google, turn on <device>”
  • Oké Google turn off <device>”
  • Oké Google turn on all <devices> in the living room”


  • “Oké Google, set <dimmer> brightness to X percent”
  • "Oké Google, increase <dimmer> brightness by X percent”
  • “Oké Google, decrease <dimmer> brightness by X percent”

Verwarmen en koelen

  • “Oké Google, turn on the heating in the living room”
  • "Oké Google, increase living room temperature”
  • "Oké Google, decrease living room temperature”
  • "Oké Google, turn up living room temperature 2 degrees”

Motoren bedienen

  • "Oké Google, increase <blind>”
  • "Oké Google, decrease <blind>”
  • "Oké Google, open <blind>”
  • "Oké Google, close <blind>”
  • "Oké Google, stop <blind>”
  • “Oké Google, open <blinds> in the bed room”
  • “Oké Google, close <blinds> in the bed room”


  • "Oké Google, activate <scene>”
  • Oké Google, deactivate <scene>”
  • Oké Google, turn on <scene>”
  • Oké Google, turn off <scene>”


  • "Oké Google, increase <ventilation>”
  • "Oké Google, decrease <ventilation>”
  • "Oké Google, set <ventilation> to boost”