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Every home deserves to be smart

The added value of Niko Home Control for you and your customers.

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Do you want to sell your houses with more value? If so, why not give prospective homebuyers what they want: a smart home automation system that delivers convenience, comfort and safety now, and is ready for the future. 

Besides offering you a vast portfolio of smart solutions in a Belgian design, Niko is a reliable business partner that offers commercial – and technical – support for your project development and sales processes.

Niko Home Control offers you and your customers more added value

By including Niko Home Control’s affordable smart automation functions in your homes, you significantly increase the value of the projects you offer. Not only do you have a direct financial return on your investment, but it gives you another reason for customers to buy your homes.

Niko Home Control is a good news story that offers real benefits and a persuasive customer experience. Customers particularly appreciate the fact that their home is future-proofed, with smart functionalities for energy management, comfort and safety.

Access control via Niko Home Control

Not just a supplier but a partner

Having been in business for a little over 100 years, we appreciate how important good relations are to success. To this end, we offer extensive support for your projects including technical service and advice, tailor-made packages in line with the desired functionalities, as well as commercial training.

Niko has also developed a range of marketing materials that can be adapted to your needs. In this way, you can bring the possibilities to life with a story that is easy to tell and easy to understand.

Brochure for Volume Builders - Niko

Let's help each other

Would you like to know how Niko Home Control will be an added value for your customers? And how Niko as a partner can help you sell your homes more easily? Leave your contact details here and we’ll get in touch with you to see if we can help each other out.

Niko Home Control

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