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Code of Conduct suppliers

1. Compliance with legislation

The Supplier must ensure that its production process, products, services and production site are in accordance with all relevant national and international laws and regulations.

2. Workplace

Respecting human rights and treating every individual with dignity and respect is the true foundation for creating an inclusive, committed and ethical business culture.

Child Labour
Niko strongly supports children’s right to development and education. Therefore, Niko does not tolerate child labour, meaning that it fully rejects all use of children as a workforce in production, by itself or by its Suppliers. Child labour is defined as work done by children that are either younger than (i) 15 years old, (ii) the minimum age mandated by the applicable law or (iii) the age for completing compulsory education (exception is made for regulated forms of apprenticeships), whichever is higher.

The Supplier shall provide equal opportunity and encourage diversity at every level of employment. Niko strongly opposes any discrimination at work based on race, religion, age, nationality, gender, political views or sexual orientation, by itself or by its Suppliers. Employees shall not be exposed to any physical punishment, threats of violence or physical, sexual, psychological or verbal harassment or mistreatment in the workplace or work related situations.

Forced Labour
The Supplier shall not employ people nor have them perform work against their will. This includes work on a forced contract, slavery and other forms of work for which that person did not sign up on a voluntary basis.

Health and Safety
The Supplier should ensure a safe and healthy working environment in order to prevent its employees from being harmed. It should also promote the (mental and physical) health of all employees, as well as stakeholders affected by its operations.

Fair employment practices
The Supplier shall comply with all applicable laws, rules and regulations and act in accordance with local industry practices with respect to working hours and remuneration.

Freedom of Association
Niko respects employees’ right to associate freely and to collective bargaining. The Supplier shall fully respect its employees’ rights to choose whether or not to associate with or establish any organisation including labour organisations.

3. Environment

The Supplier shall fully comply with all applicable laws, rules and regulations with respect to the environment. The Supplier must respect the environment and carry out its activities in such a manner that any adverse environmental effects are kept to a minimum. The Supplier shall strive to minimise the consumption of natural resources, prevent pollution, lower emissions and reduce waste and shall develop effective waste management procedures in accordance with local industry practices.

4. Business integrity

Niko values its reputation highly and bans any practices which are recognised to have a clear negative impact on the sustainable development of its business and to the advancement of free trade. The Supplier is expected to strictly observe the same line of conduct.

Bribery and Corruption
The Supplier shall not tolerate or engage in any form of corruption or influencing, neither shall it directly or indirectly make available, offer or promise anything of value to, or request this from, a government official or an employee working in the private sector for the purpose of persuading that official or employee to influence activities or to receive an inappropriate benefit, including facilitation payments.

The Supplier shall refrain from directly or indirectly offering, soliciting or accepting any gift, invitation or any other benefit that could influence or be perceived as influencing a business relationship. Suppliers must make sure that the offer or acceptance of gifts, invitations, entertainment or corporate gifts in all business relations is permitted by law or on the basis of regulations, and that it is only given for a legitimate purpose, is reasonable and not given for the purpose of exerting influence. It is important that this exchange does not violate the rules and standards of the recipient’s organisation and that this exchange is in accordance with reasonable market practices.

The Supplier undertakes to conduct its business in strict compliance with the applicable competition and antitrust laws and regulations. In doing so, it shall refrain from practices such as the inappropriate exchange of sensitive information and data, price fixing, bid rigging, market sharing or any other practices limiting competition in an unlawful manner.

Trade Restrictions
The Supplier undertakes to implement commercial practices that comply with international trade laws and promises to inform Niko in the event it is subject to sanctions and to provide all information relating to the goods and services it supplies in view of obtaining relevant export or import licenses or agreements, if applicable. The Supplier must take measures to prevent its activities from resulting in a violation of any applicable sanctions legislation imposed or upheld by any national or international authority.

Conflict of Interest
The Supplier must avoid all forms of conflict of interest and situations that appear to involve a conflict of interest in its (business) dealings with Niko. Situations between the Supplier and Niko that could possibly result in a conflict of interest must be discussed with Niko in advance.

5. Assets

In the context of the business relationship between Niko and the Supplier, the latter shall inevitably come into possession of information that is proprietary to Niko. Niko trusts that the Supplier shall treat such information with the requisite diligence and care in order to prevent such information from becoming public.

Confidential Information
The Supplier should take adequate measures to protect the sensitive information and data of Niko, including but not limited to confidential, proprietary, company-specific, personal and private data. Information and data cannot be used for purposes that are not included in the usual scope of the business relations with Niko, unless Niko has given its prior written consent.

Intellectual Property
The Supplier should respect Niko’s intellectual property rights and refrain from violating intellectual property rights of third parties when developing, producing or supplying products or providing services to Niko.

Personal Data
The Supplier shall process personal data in accordance with the applicable data protection laws and regulations.

The Supplier is expected to keep accurate books of account in accordance with applicable statutory requirements and retention periods.

6. Sub-contractors

In the event the Supplier uses sub-contractors/sub-suppliers for supplying to Niko, the Supplier shall undertake all necessary measures to ensure that the sub-contractor/sub-supplier complies with the provisions of this Supplier Code of Conduct.

7. Reporting violations

The Supplier is encouraged to report violations of ethics and compliance by Niko, its employees or anyone acting on behalf of Niko. Suppliers can report any potential ethical violations by sending an e-mail to legal@niko.eu.