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Routines that help you save energy

With Niko Home Control you have intelligent control of all the devices in your home. Besides your lights, this includes your shutters & screens, heating & ventilation, doors & windows and even your music.

The centralised control of all these devices, combined with smart insights into your energy consumption and production can help you optimise your energy efficiency. Combine different functions in time schedules or automated routines to help you save energy.


Avoid additional costs with peak mode

Niko Home Control can also help you better manage your electricity consumption during the day, by guiding your energy flows in a smart way and avoiding peaks in your consumption.

This ensures your home is ready for the future, as it may well be the case that a part of the distribution costs will be calculated based on the amount of electricity a home takes from the grid.

All-off routine

Maybe one of the best ways to save energy is to make sure that everything is off when you leave the house or when you are going to bed. The all-off routine can help you with that.


Niko vertreibt seine Produkte via Elektrogroßhandel und -installateure

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