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Unlock the next level of home automation with IFTTT

Are you a tech fanatic who’s obsessed with efficiency and automation? Thanks to IFTTT, the possibilities of Niko Home Control are now limited only by your imagination! Connect just about any device, app or web application you can think of and unlock the full potential of your Niko Home Control installation.

What is IFTTT?

Short for “IF This Then That”, IFTTT is a free web-based platform you can use to link smart appliances, apps and even websites to your Niko Home Control installation. In so doing, you can automate all kinds of actions via simple conditional (IF/THEN) statements called “applets”. Either create your own applets or simply link to any of the thousands already available via the IFTTT.com platform.

IF you can imagine it, THEN you can automate it with Niko Home Control


  • IF I am almost back home THEN activate my “welcome home” mood in Niko Home Control.
  • IF I press my all-off button THEN turn down my Honeywell thermostat.
  • IF someone rings my doorbell THEN turn on my porch light.
  • IF I have an early meeting scheduled in my calendar THEN switch on the bathroom heating 1 hour earlier.
  • IF a Niko Home Control routine is activated THEN receive notification by e-mail. Etc.
  • IF I activate my “private” mood THEN close my Somfy blinds.
IFTTT home automation with Niko Home Control

How to get started?

IFTTT is easy to use and you don’t need any programming knowledge to get started. Simply go to the IFTTT platform and create an account. You can then browse (and activate) any of the growing number of Niko Home Control applets on the platform. Or create your own for a truly personalised experience.

Each time you activate or create an applet, you will be prompted to connect any associated apps, services or devices. Simply tap “Connect” to link your Niko Home Control installation. 

Computer screen with code

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