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Expert services

Expert services

Partners for a perfect installation

Niko’s award-winning products and cutting-edge solutions are already designed to make your job as an installer easier. Our range of expert services takes things a step further. Check out the full range of options available and discover just how easy it can be to prepare, execute and maintain your projects to perfection. And let us guide you through the various steps of your project. These services are valid from the beginning of September until the end of April 2021.

1. Preparation: laying the groundwork

ACP-02001 - Niko Access Control: Solution building

Looking for a Niko Access Control solution to match your customer’s requirements? Not sure which components you’ll need? We guide you through the various options and help you propose, install and configure the ideal solution.

2. Execution: ensuring effortless installation

HCE-03001 - Niko Home Control II: My first configuration (on-site introduction)

About to perform your first Niko Home Control installation? A fully trained Niko expert will give you a complete, on-site demonstration along with invaluable tips, tricks and advice.

HCE-03002 - Niko Home Control II: Advanced configuration support

Ready to take your Niko Home Control skills to the next level? We offer fully customised training and/or support on any aspect or aspects you need. From expert configuration to new features or challenging installation environments.

HCE-03005 - Niko Home Control II: HVAC configuration

Get expert support on connecting and configuring a wide range of HVAC systems to your Niko Home Control II installation. This service package includes fully customised training and/or support.

ACE-03001 - Niko Access Control: Hardware configuration

Need help commissioning your Niko Access Control solution? We help you put the finishingtouches on your installation with on-site training, demonstrations and support. Complete with practical tips, useful hints and expert insights on every aspect of Niko Access Control.

3. Maintenance: staying state-of-the-art

Niko Home Control II: conversion of your Niko Home Control I file

HCA-01001 - NHC II: Basic file conversion

Migrate your customers with an existing Niko Home Control (I) installation to the latest generation Niko Home Control II interface with more features, more apps and more intuitive controls for even smarter and more comfortable living.

HCA-01002 - NHC II: Advanced file conversion

HCA-01003 - NHC II: Full File conversion