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Battery powered Zigbee® switches

Switch to smart

Available in single, double and four-fold versions, Niko’s wireless switches can quickly and easily be integrated into Niko Home Control systems, paired in stand-alone mode with a Zigbee lamp via TouchLink pairing or linked to a 3rd party Zigbee 3.0 system via Find&Bind pairing.

Within Niko Home Control or paired in stand-alone mode

Why choose Niko’s wireless Zigbee switches

Easy installation

The new range of battery powered Zigbee switches can be used in a wide variety of installations. With a plastic base plate, they can be mounted on flat surfaces via double-sided adhesive tape or screws.

With a metal base plate, using screws or claws, they can be fixed onto existing boxes. In fact the metal base plates even include a unique safety cover that avoids accessing the flush-mounted box that could potentially carry live electrical wires. It is the safe solution for both the installer and the end-user. 

pure black steel

A design that fits with your existing Niko installation

The new wireless battery-powered controls can be ordered together with a central plate and a flush surround plate from the design range Niko Pure, Niko Intense and Niko Original, in the colour of your choice.

This way they fit perfectly with the Niko products you may already have.

Niko switches in various colours and finishes

About Zigbee®: a wireless open-source technology

Founded in 2003, the Zigbee protocol is an open-source standard specifically for short-range wireless communications based on IEEE 802.15.4. Conceived as a low-power, low bit-rate, short-range protocol in the 2.4 GHz band, it creates a “mesh” of devices in which each node talks with other nodes, leading to better fault tolerance. It’s a secure and reliable protocol, and ideally suited for home automation solutions.

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