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Niko IP vision & objectives

Within Niko we see Intellectual Property as an integral part of our innovation and differentiation strategy.

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Our objective is:

  • Protecting our technology and products and enforcing our ip rights when necessary
  • Ensuring freedom to operate in present and possible future markets before commercialising new products
  • Commercial use – using our ip rights to strenghten our position as an innovator in the market and for licensing.

Virtual patent marking

This overview offers details regarding patent applications and granted patents that safeguard Niko products. The products are arranged in alphabetical order, and each entry includes an overview of the associated patent applications and/or patents. The listed products only encompass general notifications and may not include all product variants.

The list exclusively features products that are protected by either a patent application or a granted patent. The mentioned patent numbers encompass both pending patent applications and issued patents, all of which are currently active.

This information might be subject to change without notice

Bamboo anthracite