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Need help installing Niko Home Control?

Installation and programming manuals for Niko Home Control

Niko Home Control is a professional home automation solution that can be installed on two types of wiring:

  • An installation on traditional wiring is installed using the same wiring as a conventional electrical installation. The easy-to-use Niko Home app can then be used to program the installation.

    In a traditional electrical installation, a switch is always directly connected to the object you want to switch on or off: lamp, speakers, blinds, etc.


    Domotica - traditionele bekabeling

  • A more advanced installation uses bus wiring. Both electricity and electronic signals pass through the wires. To program this system, you’ll need to use the programming software for professionals.

    In this type of installation, you’ll have bus wires connecting all switches and sockets in the house, in one loop. Via accompanying software you can specify how you will control everything. This way, you have the ultimate flexibility.

    Domotica - busbekabeling

  • If you want to combine elements for bus wiring and traditional wiring in one installation, you’ll need to install the wireless bridge for Niko Home Control. If you connect the wireless bridge to the connected controller, you’ll be able to integrate any product from the Zigbee® range for traditional wiring.

If you know which system you are going to install, you can view the manual you need below.

User manual for Niko Home Control on traditional wiring

This online manual guides you in installing Niko Home Control products for traditional wiring.

It explains how to install the products and how to easily program them with the user-friendly Niko Home app.

Technical manuals for all Niko Home Control products

For each Niko Home Control product for bus and traditional wiring, a technical manual exists with everything you need to for a smooth installation of the product itself.

After installation, you can then program the various components using the programming software.

Online guide for the programming software

The online guide provides an overview of the most recent updates to the programming software and is also a manual for programming the system.

This software can be used by professionals to program both bus and traditional wiring installations.

Technical training webinars for professionals

Niko has a range of physical classroom trainings and online training webinars, covering the installation and programming of Niko Home Control on bus and traditional wiring.

These trainings are reserved for professionals.

Niko training academy - Niko training for professionals


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